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Independent Home Learning (IHL)

Rationale and Purposes of Independent Home Learning (IHL)

At Abbeywood Community School (ACS) we believe IHL is a key part of school life. It allows students to develop their skills and knowledge independently and makes the difference between good and great progress.

IHL has a range of purposes that include:

  • Deliberate practice and consolidation of work done in class.
  • Providing further stretch and challenge.
  • Providing opportunities for independent work.
  • Preparation for exams and tests.
  • Preparation for future class work.
  • Developing library skills and use of other learning resources outside of school.
  • Allowing assessment of students’ progress and mastery of work.
  • Developing students’ good learning habits: organisation, meeting deadlines, resilience, independence, creativity, responsibility.
  • Providing opportunities for parents/carers to get involved with their child’s learning and creating channels for home-school dialogue.

IHL tasks are set at a frequency proportional to curriculum time.

In Years 7 and 8 IHL tasks should take about 20-30min to complete and are set weekly for core subjects and fortnightly for all other subjects

In Year 9 IHL tasks should take about 45-60min to complete and are set weekly for core subjects and fortnightly for all other subjects

  • Years 10 and 11 Examination subjects tasks should take about 60-90 min to complete and are set weekly, plus additional revision and exam paper practice where necessary
  • Post 16 tasks should be set on the “hour for an hour” principle.

Supporting students with IHL

There is an optional IHL club each day of the week where students can get support in completing their work. Students who are struggling to meet deadlines will be requested to join the club to develop their independent working skills.

Setting and submission of work

All IHL is set on Doddle and students are expected to check their timetable (see below) and ensure that work is submitted on doddle before the deadline. Students who fail to submit their work will be required to complete the missing work in after school sessions.

Setting and submission Timetable (this can also be viewed here)


 Overview of typical IHL's