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Work Experience & Careers

Year 10

All students participate in a work experience placement as a core part of their Key Stage 4 Learning.

This year work experience will take place between 8 - 12 July 2019.  

 All Year 10 students are given the chance to take part in work placement learning and we

Work placement learning introduces students to the work environment, gives them time to take part in specific activities and carry out tasks as an employee would.

encourage them to make the most of this valuable opportunity.

We have an extensive range of employers, that are Health and Safety checked, who offer some excellent placements to our students.

All students have access to google classroom work experience page which gives them some great contacts from different industries. 

Work Experience Information Booklet  can be found here

Parental Consent Form can be downloaded here

Work Experience Journal can be downloaded here

Year 12

Work placement learning can:

  • Offer our students with an understanding of the world of work;
  • Assist our students in deciding what type of career they might want in the future;
  • Improve the personal development of our students;
  • Improve the key skills and employability of our students.

Year 12 students are responsible for obtaining completed paperwork from their work placement employer and these are be downloaded here:

Employer Agreement Form   

Employers Health and Safety Form

OAT Health & Safety Checklist  


Why go on work placement learning?

  • It is a chance to try out your career ideas, this can help some students make a more informed choice about their career options.
  • It is a chance for students to work alongside adults who are not their parents/carers or teachers.
  • Work placement learning references are added to the student’s Record of Achievement which is then presented by the student at college and/or job interviews.
  • The student has the chance to demonstrate their key employability skills and a list of the skills used during the placement is added to their Record of Achievement.
  • Some placements can lead to offers of part-time work, full-time work or apprenticeships.

Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at ACS

The West of England Careers Hub is launched to improve the career opportunities for young people across the region.  Read more here.


An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession.

We are proud to say that Abbeywood Community School have registered with Arkwright. They will help us develop our careers programme by supporting students that have a real passion for engineering. Every Scholarship is sponsored by a commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, armed service, government organisation, worshipful company,  charitable trust or personal donor. This means that support is offered in various different ways, for example, valuable hands-on work experience, support for your curriculum project and a personal mentor who can help you with aspects of your studies and career planning.


Click on the link for a useful Parents' Park - Apprenticeship Information 


Introduction to Pathways: Years 10-11

Introduction to Pathways is open to Year 10 and 11 state school students interested in law, banking and finance, who may subsequently want to apply for the Pathways schemes in Year 12.

Click on the link for more information


Open evening in the Bristol and South Glos region - please click here for details


Higher and degree apprenticeships



Career and Enterprise Strategy - please click to view

At Abbeywood Community School, we provide a comprehensive programme that focuses on the student’s aspirations and experiences. This programme develops and grows through each year to help build child confidence and knowledge about the higher education and the world of work.

Here at ACS, we have 2 members of the CEIAG team who work tirelessly to ensure our students are equipped with the necessary skills for to make the right decision about their future.

Good quality Careers Education raises the aspirations of our students to become more effective career planners and managers of their own progression through learning and work. It increases motivation by linking activities in school with preparation for life in Post 16 and Post 18. By providing quality information, advice and guidance, our aim is to raise students’ goals and ambitions for their future and increase self-confidence, whilst providing equality for all.

Listed below are the projects we have created for each year group.

Year groups


Year 7

Dreamcatchers and aspirations

Year 8

Personal Crests, personal ambition

Year 9

Build a City to represent your career world

Year 10

Mock Interviews, CVs and Work Experience

Year 11

Lifetime goals projects

Post 16

Envision, UniFrog and Work Experience

Top websites to use for your career search: – Government Careers Website – NHS careers, work experience and apprenticeships - Search for Apprenticeships – Information about Apprenticeships – Career ideas, CV builder – Free Careers Films on the Web – What’s it like working in construction and how to get into construction – Raise awareness of Apprenticeships – Inspiring possibilities for school leavers – Advice, options, career videos, ideas and buzz quiz to find out your strengths

Going to university is step forward towards a bright future and at Abbeywood Community School, we want our students to have the advice, knowledge and guidance to make a confidence and informed decision.