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Year 7 & 8 Internal Exams

These will be taking place from Tuesday 14 - Friday 24 May. Preparation for the exams will be taking place in lessons from the beginning of next term and further information will be available on the school website. Core subjects will take place in the main hall and seating plans will be made available to students prior to the exams. Other subject exams will take place in classrooms at a time agreed by subject staff and this information will be given to your child. The dates for the core subjects are as follows:

Tuesday 14 May a.m.

P1 Year 7 Maths 1 (non-calculator)          

P3 Year 8 Maths 1        

Wednesday 15 May a.m.

P1 Year 8 English                                              

P3 Year 7 Maths 2 (calculator)

Friday 17 May a.m.

P1 Year 8 Maths 2 (calculator)                    

P3 Year 7 English           

Please ensure that your child is fully equipped for the examinations, with a scientific calculator and full pencil case, which should be transparent. Water can be taken into exams, but this must be in a clear bottle, with the label removed. All bags, jackets and mobile phones must be stored in lockers.

Please contact your child’s tutor for further details.

Many thanks and enjoy the Easter break.

Yours sincerely

B Dilley, Deputy Headteacher